… because you’re losing business if your website is
NOT optimized for different screen sizes.

Let's be honest, there are a ton of people who claim to do websites, and while many can indeed create a simple online page for you, for the most part, these solutions are only temporary and not developed with the attention to design and emerging technologies like a web site (and overall online presence strategy) created by Andrews Technology Group. 

We have the capability to build full, customized, responsive designed, websites from the ground up; your website will look good on all sized screens, from large desktop monitors to smartphones. We work with you throughout the development process to ensure your Internet presence is precisely what you envisioned. Our web experts can provide services such as: search engine optimization; e-commerce online stores, e-mail configuration, web hosting support and web apps for Android and iPhone. Andrews Technology Group can assist in providing you complete consultation on maximizing your budget and creating an online presence with impact.

Further, unlike other web design professionals, our technical expertise is complimented and enhanced with expertise in copyright law, electronic privacy, social media marketing and print publishing.