Technology Is Empowering... Tech Support Should Be, Too.

Some technology professionals find job security via obfuscation.  They attempt to confuse their clients with industry jargon or unintelligible explanations of their services. They seek to make technology support enigmatic. Condescending and patronizing support does a disservice to the industry and to our customers.  

Saturday Night Live Skit, "Nick Burns, Your Computer Guy"

In sum, our philosophy about technology support and consultation is very simple... We will never be "that guy!" 

Andrews Technology Group focuses on making sure our clients are fully aware of our services so that there is nothing clandestine about our work. 

To further this philosophy, we offer innovative online service membership packages to make it affordable and easy for everyone to have their own personal "I.T. manager." Also, we developed the Tipcards email newsletter, that offers regular tips and tricks, product reviews, seasonal announcements, and vocabulary terms. With simple sharing functionality, our clients can forward TipCards to others and enlarge the circle of people “in the know.” 

Andrews Technology Group seeks to make sure that our clients are empowered with information and support  and, therefore, motivated to take advantage of our many other services.