What differentiates our online solutions is that you will never be transferred to "the next available operator." You will always be connected to the same small team of Andrews Techs who already know who you are and the nature of your business or needs at home; it is service that is both efficient and familiar.

Your Pass to Stress Less

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Your Andrews Tech will securely connect to your Mac or PC and guide you through any tech problem.

Use our online calendar to schedule a real-time chat session with your Andrews Tech during office hours.
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V.I.P Emails

Members can get fast-response answers to their emails, within 3 hours during office hours.
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OnSite Visit

Schedule an on-site visit to diagnose hardware or networking issues that can't be resolved with one of our other online services.
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After 3 months of continous membership, subscribers get a discount on all of our consultation services.


Membership Packages




1 PC/MAC & 1 Mobile Device.


Included every month:

2 LiveChat Sessions

2 ScreenShares

2 VIP Emails

  5% Discount on all other services





3 PC/MAC & 3 Mobile Device.


Included every month:

5 LiveChat Sessions

5 ScreenShares

5 VIP Emails

5% Discount on all other services





5 PC/MAC, 5 Mobile & 1 Server


Included every month:

1 Maintenance On-Site Visit

10 LiveChat Sessions

10 ScreenShares

10 VIP Emails

10% Discount on all other services


A La Carte / Add-on


If you don't want to take advantage of the discounted membership packages, or, if you need to add on an additional service during the month, you can purchase individual incidents.



$25 per session

Up to 30 minutes


$45 per session

Up to 30 minutes

On-Site Visits

$150 per hour

Minimum, 1 hour